BIOL 476 / 576 - Computational Neuroscience

General information about the class, its topic, format, and policies can be found in the syllabus [link here]. Note that all the information provided on this page concerns the couse as it was given in fall 2020 and the course might incur some changes in following years.

This textbook [link here] covers the same topics as this class and provides in-depth coverage of the lecture material: Theoretical Neuroscience, by Dayan and Abbott.

The class consist of 3 components: 1/4 of the efforts focus on lecture material; 1/4 is about reading and writing scientific literature; 1/2 about learning to program (see below). The goal is to give you background knowledge of computational neuroscience, use that knowledge to read scientific literature critically, and apply your knowledge by performing the analysis you read about.

You will learn to create computer programs using Matlab. No prior knowledge of programing is required: we start with the abc. To do the Matlab tutorials you will need to install Matlab (free for WVU students, see here), download this folder (here) and "put it on your Matlab's path" (this is explained in the first tutorial video), and follow the videos along with the pdf files (linked below).

The schedule below contains links to the material used in this class (video lectures, paper...).