Prospective Student

Prospective Graduate Student:

The Marsat Lab is currently seeking graduate students for Fall 2024.

If you are interested in being admitted in the Biology Graduate Program and doing your thesis under my supervision, first review the application procedure and requirement on the Biology webpage (here for MS and here for PhD). 

Then, if you want to complete your graduate research in the Marsat Lab, it is important that you contact me to discuss your interest so that I can support your application through the official review process. When contacting me, you must provide me with the material that you will later submit to the university during your official application (see the university's websites linked above) so I can review it and evaluate the strength of your application. This material should include:

When you have gathered this material, send it to me in a email expressing your interest in pursuing a grad degree under my supervision (gary.marsat[at]; I will review the material and let you know if we should meet virtually to discuss the possibilities (a sort of interview) or if I think your profile is not well suited for our lab and should be directed to another lab/program/institution. Applications to start in fall should be submitted by January so you should be contacting me ahead of this deadline (the summer or fall before that). All questions regarding administrative procedures, ect, should be directed to the department or the university, I only have answers regarding opportunities in my lab, our research, the dynamic in our lab and similar issues.

Note that only students with significant research experience in our research area (example a Masters in Neuroscience) are strong candidate for a PhD; students with less experience should apply to the MS program and they have the possibility to switch to the PhD program after the first year of grad school (that first year then counts towards their PhD). We can discuss this point during an interview.